Repair Conditions:

  1. Deposit of $40 is required for the assessment. Later this deposit will go towards the final bill. Deposit is non refundable.
  2. If repair needs new replacement part the customer will be notified of the price before order of the replacement part is placed.
  3. We make no money on the parts, whatever replacement cost us, is what customer is getting in the bill.
  4. We find best deal available for the replacement part to save customer money as a result the repair time may increase due to shipping delays.
  5. If repair is not possible we can offer recycling services for the equipment that have been dropped off.
  6. GLRAD will not warranty a repair that someone else has started and/or is missing parts or has been otherwise attempted by an unqualified person. For example if a TV is brought to our shop and has already been taken apart and is missing parts, has unsecured cabling, missing panels or missing many screws we will not be able to guarantee any of our work. We ask that the unit coming in for repair is complete with all it’s parts before we can offer any warranty.


Initial Customer Contact Sheet:

  1. We require customer to fill out ICC sheet on the first time visit.
  2. The info provided on ICCS will not be sold to any marketing companies that may resell or simply annoy our customers with phone calls or an email spam.
  3. The contact information provided on the ICC sheet will be used to communicate with customers. Please make sure the info is correct and clearly readable.
  4. Customer must fill out the ICC sheet and agree with our terms in order to receive service from GLRAD. If customer is refusing to fill out ICCS or doesn’t agree with our terms, no further service can be provided.


After the repair:

  1. The sticker with our contact information will be placed on the equipment that been repaired. The purpose of it is to remind customer where was the last service and provide contact info if our business card was lost.
  2. Customer will be contacted once the hardware is repaired and will be informed on the time frame available for a pickup. The order will be as follows: Phone, E-mail, Letter to address provided.
  3. Minor cleaning will be performed before customer gets the repaired equipment back.
  4. During the repair of the equipment, pictures will be taken of step by step repair. Later pictures will be uploaded to our Facebook page located here: www.fb.com/glrad


If we are unable to contact the customer:

  1. If we are unable to contact customer via the phone and email once the repair is finished, we will keep the equipment on hold for maximum of 15 days since the day the repair is completed. Once 15 days expire the equipment will be recycled and can no longer be returned to the customer.
  2. If repair is not possible or customer is refusing to take the equipment back then please look at the previous entry since the same procedure follows.
  3. Once the item is recycled we can no longer return it back to the customer, so please make sure the info on the initial customer contact sheet is an accurate and current and clearly readable.
  4. If for any reason GLRAD will have to pay for contacting the client, this charge will be added to the final bill. An example of this charge would be:  If clients phone number is no longer in service and no one is replying over the email we might send an actual mail letter to the address provided, therefore charges for the envelope, paper and postage will be put in the final bill.


What we believe in:

  1. Do the job right the first time.
  2. Don’t cry wolf just for the fun of it.
  3. Make sure customers are happy.
  4. Do the highest quality repair possible.
  5. Be fare to and don’t overcharge customers
  6. Take care of the equipment like its our own.
  7. Take pride at what we do
  8. Keep recovered data private.