How fast is the repair?” – We find the problem within 3 days after which we contact the customer with the price quote for the parts if any needed. If no parts needed we try to do the repair within the first 3 days.

Why are the prices so cheap?” – It is because we do not believe in overcharging people! Other businesses charge their customers above $200 to repair the TV and now as the result people are afraid to repair things. Everyone thinks that it is not worth repairing equipment because it is too expensive to do so. Guess what!? We are trying to break this kind of thinking by providing people with reasonable prices!

I have this old equipment that needs repair but unfortunately it is not on your list, am I out of luck?” – We repair very wide variety of equipment. Simply put we repair anything that has board in it. If it is not on our list we suggest calling us to find out if we can be of any help to you.

What are the things that you don’t repair?” – We don’t repair following things for sure:

  • Cathode ray vacuum tube (CRT) television and monitors. 
  • Ink Jet printers. These are the ones that Use liquid ink. The exception are the Commercial Inkjet printers that are used for printing big posters.
  • Old record players
  • Blenders and Juice makers 🙂
  • Anything that has Vacuum Tubes in it; Could be really old tube TV set or extremely old tube radio.

Do you repair cellphones?” – We are capable of repairing cellphone but we do not keep inventory of spare parts. As a result part will have to be ordered on demand which will result in long repair time because we first have to wait for the new part to come in.

Can you pick up our equipment that we don’t need?” – We certainly can pick stuff up if you don’t need it any more. The only exception is, we cant pickup anything that is listed in the list of things that we don’t repair for sure.

Can you do computer classes?” – We can assist you with minor help here and there, but if you are missing basic computer foundation, then we are going to refer you to computer classes in London’s Community Center. There some good deals available for public that no other private teacher can beat!

My TV fell and now it has spider webs on the screen, can it be repaired?” – The LCD panel is the most valuable part of the TV unit that there is. If the TV screen is broken than even if you bought the TV last week for $12,000 it is not worth much now! It is impossible to find another same or compatible screen to replace the broken one!

How do I know if my screen is broken? I don’t feel cracks and glass is not falling out!?” – If your TV screen looks like anything on THIS page then the TV panel is broken. At this point the TV not worth much anymore.

I have vertical or horizontal lines on LCD the screen. Is it fixable?” – Some time it is fixable but other times lines might come back again after the repair. The origin of this problem is almost impossible to fix. Same thing applies to the Plasma television set. Such a problem can also occur on computer monitors.

Keys on my laptop keyboard are falling out, can that be fixed?” – On rare occasions yes, but majority of the time new keyboard is required. Please contact us to get an estimate quote for the replacement keyboard.

Do you do web design and web development?” – We don’t do it our selves.


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